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October 31, 2014
Daily Horoscope for Scorpio
Conflicting ideas make life a little tougher for you and your people today -- but you shouldn't just cover up the disputes. Get the arguments out in... read more »
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Yearly horoscope
2014 Yearly Horoscope for Overview

If you've been a sad and solo Libra, fear not; relationships take ridiculously high precedence in 2014! You surely will not be alone. If you're already hitched, expect a series of mind-blowing lessons and non-stop insight in the realms of romance and long-term commitment. This is your year to uncover and break through any codependent patterns once ... read more »

Hot Off the Press!
Mars in Capricorn: #1 Tip for Your Sun Sign!
Mind & Body
Mars in Capricorn: #1 Tip for Your Sun Sign!

Despite the weather being warmer than usual and still feeling like summer in some parts, the planets are not playing around! They're getting serious as Mars moves into Capricorn. Yes, Mars -- the planet of motivation, sexual desire and aggression -- is in workaholic, play-by-the-rules Capricorn. This... read more »

Tarot Card of the Day
Card of the Day: Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles card suggests that my power today lies in patronage or charity. It's the least I can do to help those less fortunate. Help will arrive when I am ready to accept it. It's my civic duty. It's not a hand out, it's a hand up. Give credit where credit is due. I am worth the... read more

Lunar Life
The Moon and Your Mood: Planning November by the Moon
The Moon and Your Mood: Planning November by the Moon

Align your actions with the rhythm of the cosmos by tuning into the divine Moon. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet. Its changing sign and phase provide clues to the cosmic mood. Here’s your Moon planning guide for November. November 1-3, Pisces Moon Water, water everywhere! Trust your instincts and follow your feelings. The divine and... read more »

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Aquarius moon

Psychic development is not usually required for Pisces, as you're extremely tuned in to the cosmos. Psychic un-development is more like it! Your challenge is to turn the tsunami wave of information coming through you into a manageable river. When you create boundaries and ground your energies, you refine your natural talents and feel much less overwhelmed.

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Feng Shui
Fengshui Tip of the Day
Feng Shui Tip of the Day

Happy Halloween! On this holiday, why not try an ages-old technique to rid yourself of negative energies while calling forth abundance and happiness? Called 'Bowl-Burning,' this exercise says that you should write down on a piece of paper any negative aspect of your life that you are ready to release. Write this facet on a piece of white paper with red pen. Then place the paper into a bowl ( more

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Daily Cosmic Calendar
Today's Planetary Forecast

October 2014 began with Mercury slowing down as it neared a three-week reversal and this month ends with Mercury speeding up following its shift forward six days ago. [The next Mercury retrograde cycle will occur from January 21 to February 11, 2015 in the sign of Aquarius.] Mercury in Libra is once again leading the charge today as it makes a potent, 135-degree tie with... more »

The Stars This Week!
The Stars This Week

Dream a Big Dream! Your support team now arrives, starting with Venus' trine to Neptune on October 27 and the Sun's trine to Neptune on October 28! Keep your eyes and ears open to receive an important message on October 30, when Mercury conjuncts the north node. Then, November 1 brings a bonanza of opportunities as Mercury sextiles Jupiter, Venus sextiles Pluto, and... more »

Today In History
1983: Jerry Falwell Files Lawsuit Against Hustler magazine
Today in history
Fifty year-old televangelist files a lawsuit against Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine, for publishing a parody interview in which he is portrayed claiming to have sex with his mother in an outhouse. Transiting Saturn, Sun, and Mercury are conjunct Falwell's natal Ascendant in Scorpio, reflecting more »
Natal Chart Wheel
Natal Chart Wheel
What are the secrets promised in your natal chart? How do the alignment of the planets at the time of your birth influence your character and personality? This reading holds the answers. Discover the areas of life in which you show natural talent and achieve easy success and how to turn challenges into your greatest assets with this revealing...Get Your Free Natal Chart Done!