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September 30, 2014
Daily Horoscope for Libra
It's time for you to explore some new territory. That doesn't have to be scary -- in fact you may have been hankering for a change of scenery without... read more »
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Yearly horoscope
2014 Yearly Horoscope for Overview

If you've been a sad and solo Libra, fear not; relationships take ridiculously high precedence in 2014! You surely will not be alone. If you're already hitched, expect a series of mind-blowing lessons and non-stop insight in the realms of romance and long-term commitment. This is your year to uncover and break through any codependent patterns once ... read more »

Hot Off the Press!
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Unfinished Business Resurfaces
Home & Family
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Unfinished Business Resurfaces

Our communication planet is going backwards on October 4, causing his usual back-up-your-devices and don't-sign-important-contracts panic. But that's all just surface hullaballoo. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is more complex than that. Think back to some skeletons that crept out of the closet last... read more »

Tarot Card of the Day
Card of the Day: Emperor

The Emperor card affirms that my alter ego today is elevated as a role model or by proxy as the Enforcer, whose superpower is contracted to establish merciful boundaries or to secure and defend the vested interests of my charges under or as this virile "Father Figure." I'm large and in charge as... read more

Lunar Life
The Moon and Your Mood: Planning October by the Moon
The Moon and Your Mood: Planning October by the Moon

Align your actions with the rhythm of the cosmos by tuning in to the divine Moon. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet. Its changing sign and phase provide clues to the cosmic mood. Here’s your daily Moon planning guide for October! October 1-2, Capricorn First Quarter Moon The practical Capricorn Moon will help you focus on long-term goals... read more »

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Psychic development is not usually required for Pisces, as you're extremely tuned in to the cosmos. Psychic un-development is more like it! Your challenge is to turn the tsunami wave of information coming through you into a manageable river. When you create boundaries and ground your energies, you refine your natural talents and feel much less overwhelmed.

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Feng Shui
Fengshui Tip of the Day
Feng Shui Tip of the Day

On 'National Mud Pack Day' I want to offer a simple homemade remedy for a mud mask that will leave your skin silky smooth and clear. Mash a whole banana and add a teaspoon of baking soda, a half-cup of sour cream, a quarter-cup maple syrup and three-quarters cup honey. To this blend add a bit of mud and slather the whole thing all over your face. Leave it on for fifteen minutes before washing more

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Daily Cosmic Calendar
Today's Planetary Forecast

September 2014 ends with a whimper rather than a bang (to reverse the last line of a famous T.S Eliot poem). The problem is that last night's jubilant Moon-Jupiter trine -- from Sagittarius to Leo -- began a lengthy, 25+ hour void-of-course cycle that won't conclude until 9:42PM when earthy and industrious Capricorn Moon arrives on the scene. Thus, the bulk of today's hours... more »

The Stars This Week!
The Stars This Week

Review Your Options! Invest in your relationships as Venus enters social Libra on September 29. Five days later, when the Sun squares Pluto on October 4, keep track of people with power and clout! And later on October 4, Mercury turns retrograde in intense Scorpio, at which point you'll want to have backup plans ready in case people are unable to honor their commitments.... more »

Today In History
1938: Neville Chamberlain Proclaims “Peace in Our Time”
Today in history
Sixty-nine-year-old British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain proclaims 'peace in our time', after agreeing to cede Czechoslovakia's western Sudetenland territory to Nazi Germany. Having secured Adolf Hitler's signed statement that there are no further plans for German expansion, Chamberlain more »
Natal Chart Wheel
Natal Chart Wheel
What are the secrets promised in your natal chart? How do the alignment of the planets at the time of your birth influence your character and personality? This reading holds the answers. Discover the areas of life in which you show natural talent and achieve easy success and how to turn challenges into your greatest assets with this revealing...Get Your Free Natal Chart Done!