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January 28, 2015
Daily Horoscope for Aquarius
If you feel bored today, don't look far for inspiration. In fact, the very activity you find boring may be just what you need to keep your mind active... read more »


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Yearly horoscope xfinity 2015
2015 Yearly Horoscope for Overview

The pressure is finally easing up in 2015, Aquarius. Saturn has been working you hard since 2012, by making a very hard angle to your stars. You may feel a bit beaten down, but all the more strong and mature as a result. You can bid farewell to the constant testing and hardships that you've braved and conquered. This year is finally bringing the ... read more »

Hot Off the Press!
Venus Enters Pisces: Make Anything Happen!
Venus Enters Pisces: Make Anything Happen!

Pisces is the sign of miracles, compassion and redemption, and when in Venus -- anything can happen! Yes, with this form of power taking the controls of love planet Venus, striving for the fantastical is a must. It's the only way to be from now until February 20! If you don't go to the extreme,... read more »

Tarot Card of the Day
Card of the Day: Queen of Chalices

The Queen of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in intuition and drama. I trust my intuition and nurture an environment of deep devotion, patience, and intense passion. I mirror my hearts desire and am never too busy to connect to those who trust, love and need me. "It's the thought... read more

Lunar Life
Celebrate Independence: Aquarius New Moon
Celebrate Independence: Aquarius New Moon

The Aquarius new Moon on January 20 may inspire you to break with tradition or rebel against someone who is too controlling. Aquarius represents freedom, so if there’s an area of your life where you’d like more independence, now’s the time to make a change. Let your quirky side show. Forget tradition or being like everyone.... read more »

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Psychic development is not usually required for Pisces, as you're extremely tuned in to the cosmos. Psychic un-development is more like it! Your challenge is to turn the tsunami wave of information coming through you into a manageable river. When you create boundaries and ground your energies, you refine your natural talents and feel much less overwhelmed.

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Feng Shui
Fengshui Tip of the Day
Feng Shui Tip of the Day

Today is 'National Fun at Work Day,' but if that's not the case for you then you may want to try a Feng Shui career tip that could turn those energies around. Every day for nine consecutive days and three consecutive hours, turn on the inside and outside front entry lights. This will illuminate a pathway for opportunities to have more fun at work to come right to your door.

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Daily Cosmic Calendar
Today's Planetary Forecast

With the Moon in Taurus and in void mode until the lunar changeover to airy Gemini at 2:37PM, there is no need to race out of the starting gate full steam ahead this morning. Slow your tempo across the board -- remembering that Mercury is also doing backstrokes in Aquarius. While the Moon points you in the direction of completing odd jobs before initiating new, bold ventures,... more »

The Stars This Week!
The Stars This Week

Help Arrives! This week begins with romance, as the love planet, Venus, enters the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Pisces, on January 27! When action planet Mars sextiles powerful Pluto on January 30, say yes to the people who want to help you! Also on January 30, listen and learn as retrograde Mercury's conjunction with the Sun in Aquarius returns you to previous ideas... more »

Today In History
2007: Shaquille O’Neal Nabs Hit-And-Run Driver
Today in history
Thirty-four year-old basketball all-star Shaquille O'Neal pursues a hit-and-run driver who struck the door of his Cadillac Escalade, apprehending him after a five-minute chase. A reserve officer with the Miami Beach Police Department for nearly two years, he intends to join the force when he more »
Natal Chart Wheel
Natal Chart Wheel
What are the secrets promised in your natal chart? How do the alignment of the planets at the time of your birth influence your character and personality? This reading holds the answers. Discover the areas of life in which you show natural talent and achieve easy success and how to turn challenges into your greatest assets with this revealing...Get Your Free Natal Chart Done!